I am so  thrilled that everyone who purchases my children’s clothing and blankets, knows they are getting a beautiful product worthy of every sweet little child.

Before creating Brie and Vessie, I searched for baby products for my soon to be granddaughter and saw that the items were made with cheap materials and often fell apart after little use.

Then one day something happened. I realized a lot of people were tired of wasting their money on “Made In China”, commercial clothes, that did not hold up for more than a few washes. That’s when I vowed to make baby and toddler clothes and accessories that would exceed standards of quality above all others.

I was concerned that I couldn’t do this. What if I failed? What if no one wanted what I was making?

But then I realized, what if I succeed? I love sewing, love children and creating delightful and adorable clothing for them to wear. I want to make picture-perfect items that parents are happy and excited to have their children wear.

I decided to create the most high-end, quality organic blankets for the sweetest babies in the land, and lively and cheerful, sweet clothes that children will enjoy wearing.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I needed to learn what my customers wanted. I wished to use high quality materials.

I searched high and low for suppliers of great, quality, fun fabrics, because I wanted to create outstanding products for everyone! Suppliers of the expensive organic material were difficult to find and I wanted the materials made in the USA if possible.

After all this, I feared no one would like my products.

But then I released my first product launch and the response has been pure joy. The blankets wrap babies in a whisper-soft comfort, the dresses are handcrafted and long-lasting, and the mittens as functional as they are fun. We receive love from everyone that buys our Brie & Vessie® products.

You can find me at www.brieandvessie.com